Music of 1968
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  Group Album
  Electric Flag Long Time Comin'
  Fairport Convention Fairport Convention
  Farina, Richard and Mimi Memories
  Feliciano, Jose Feliciano!
  Fifth Dimension
  Four Tops, The Yesterday's Dreams
  Franklin, Aretha Lady Soul
  Goldsboro, Bobby
  Grateful Dead Anthem of the Sun
  Guarldi, Vince Oh, Good Grief
  Guthrie, Arlo Arlo
  Guy, Buddy A Man and the Blues; This is Buddy Guy
  Haggard, Merle Best of Merle Haggard
  Hammond, John I Can Tell
  Hancock, Herbie Speak Like a Child
  Hardin, Tim Tim Hardin III, Live in Concert
  Harris, Richard A Tramp Shining
  Havens, Richie Richard P. Havens
  Hendrix, Jimi Axis: Bold as Love
  Holiday, Billie Greatest Hits
  Hollies, The Greatest Hits
  Hooker, John Lee The Real Folk Blues
  Humperdinck, Engelbert A Man Without Love



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