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e was the scene of strikes and riots in 1968, but one of the most dramatic events was the crushing of the Czechoslovakian "Prague Spring" by the USSR.

An American B-52 airplane crashes in Greenland with four H-bombs in January. The Nashville Free Press runs an ad: "Lost, four H-bombs in the vicinity of Greenland. If found, call 555-5555." (This is the number for the White House.) Parts of the bombs are later found January 31st. The US later announces it will bring back radioactive snow to be stored at Thule Air Base.

A new wall is being built around West Berlin by East Berlin authorities. It is supposed to be "escape proof."

In February, Britian protests a flood of Asian immigrants from Africa (Indians and Pakistanis). This includes 7,000 within the last three months.

Chiang Ching (became Mrs. Mao in 1939) is now ninth in power in China (according to a list made for the May Day parade). She has had a 2-year "cultural revoluton" (purge) in China.

Paris strike

In May and June, t here are major riots and strikes in Paris and throughout France, threatening Charles DeGaulle's rule. Josephine Baker leads a march in support of him. He promises a "new society" and ultimately wins re-election.

DeGaulle and Paris strikes

Biafra (successionist former region of Nigeria) is starving. The US sends aid.

Starving child in Biafra

There is a big earthquake in the Philippines and one in Mexico City in August. There is also a big earthquake in Iran in September..

There is rioting in Mexico City in October, linked to political plots.

Strikes in Mexico

Students and one-half of the 20-million work force are on strike in Italy in November.



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