Pop Culture in 1968

Movies in 1968

Films in 1968 ranged from the ridiculous to the sublime, with some forgotten and some still excellent forty years later.

Movie Title Star Concept
2001, A Space Odessey Kier Dullea Science fiction epic
Anzio Robert Mitchum WWII Allied invasion of Italian beachhead
Barbarella Jane Fonda Science fiction spoof
30 Is a Dangerous Age, Cynthia Dudley Moore

Man is anxious about his 30th birthday

Bandolero James Stewart Two fugitaves take hostage to Mexico
Bedazzled Dudley Moore, Peter Cook Comedy--man bargains with devil to find love (1967)
Beyond the Law Lee van Cleef Outlaw goes straight to claim silver mine
Blackbeard's Ghost Dean Jones Comedy/adventure
Bonnie and Clyde Faye Dunaway, Warren Beatty Crime drama (1967)
The Boston Strangler Tony Curtis Intense drama
The Bride Wore Black Jeanne Moreau Woman tracks down killer of her groom
The Brotherhood Kirk Douglas Clashing brothers in organized crime
Bullitt Steve McQueen Modern cop drama
Camelot Richard Harris King Arthur (1967 musical)
Carry on Doctor Frankie Howerd British comedy
Castle of Fu Manchu Christopher Lee Fu Manchu is villian
Chamber of Fear Boris Karloff Madman tortures visitors to castle
Charlie, the Lonesome Cougar Ron Brown Animal adventure/comedy (1967)
Charly Cliff Robertson IQ raised through medical treatement
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Dick van Dyke Family musical fun
Commandos Lee van Cleef WWII drama with Allies in North Africa
The Conqueror Worm Vincent Price Cult horror film
Coogan's Bluff Clint Eastwood Sheriff chases prey from west to east
Countdown Robert Duvall Drama about launch of manned satellite
A Dandy in Aspic Laurence Harvey Russian double agent wants out
The Detective Frank Sinatra

Overzealous detective sends wrong man to electric chair

The Devil's Brigade William Holden Misfit soldiers in WWII
Django   Speghetti western--Americans vs. Mexican bandits
Doctor Doolittle Rex Harrison Doctor talks to animals (1967)
Doctor Faustus Richard Burton Drama based on Marlowe's play about embittered scholar's soul-searching
Don't Look Back Bob Dylan Dylan's 1965 tour of England (1967)
Don't Raise the Bridge, Lower the Water Jerry Lewis Free-spending ways in England financed by get-rich-quick schemes
Elvira Madigan Pia Degermark Lush, tragic romance from Sweden (1967)
Elvis--1968 Comeback Special Elvis Presley TV Special
Fade-in Burt Reynolds Love story set against filmmaking backdrop
Farewell, Friend Charles Bronson Action drama of French mercenaries planning theft
The Fastest Guitar Alive Roy Orbison Civil War western, singing
Finian's Rainbow Fred Astaire Musical fantasy. Irishman in American south
Fireman's Ball   Czech comedy. Dance turns to disaster
Five Card Stud Dean Martin Western action: gambler and preacher
Flesh Dallesandro Andy Warhol-produced cult comedy about male hustler
For Love of Ivy Sidney Poitier Romantic comedy. Maid and trucking company owner
Funny Girl Barbra Streisand Oscar winner as Fanny Brice of Ziegfield Follies
The Graduate Duston Hoffman, Anne Bancroft Youth comedy; oscar winner (1967)
The Green Berets John Wayne Vietnam war drama
Greetings Jonathan Warden Comedy--three New Yorkers and women, draft, and the Kennedy assassination
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner Sydney Poitier, Spencer Tracy Daughter marrying a black doctor (1967)
Hang 'em High Clint Eastwood Cowboy vows revenge on men who tried to kill him
Head The Monkees Written by Jack Nicholson. Wild collection of skits
The Heart is a Lonely Hunter Sondra Locke Coming of age in small southern town (Carson McCullers)
Hell in the Pacific Lee Marvin US marine and Japanese officer match wits in survival drama
The Horse in the Gray Flannel Suit Dean Jones Comedy--exec and horse-loving daughter
Hour of the Wolf Max Von Sydow Painter with visions on island with wife
How Sweet It Is! James Garner Comedy--couple on second honeymoon; lusty Frenchman after wife
I Love You, Alice B. Toklas Peter Sellers Comedy--lawyer and flower child
Ice Station Zebra Rock Hudson Cold war drama at north pole
The Killing of Sister George Beryl Reid Middle-aged British actress losing female lover to other woman
Lady in Cement Frank Sinatra Sequel to Tony Rome. Private eye.
Les Biches (Bad Girls)   French romantic triangle
The Lion in Winter Katherine Hepburn Hepburn oscar
Live a Little, Love a Little Elvis Presley Moonlighting photographer
The Love Bug Dean Jones Herbie the car
Macabre Serenade Boris Karloff Wicked toymaker horror film
Madigan Richard Widmark Police dep't politics in NY
Memories of Underdevelopment   Cuban drama of alienated intellectual
Negatives Peter McEnery Odd British drama about couple who masquerade as historical figures
Never a Dull Moment Dick Van Dyke TV star accidentally becomes involved with gangsters
Night of the Bloody Apes   Mexican mishmash of horror and wrestling. Cult favorite of bad movies
Night of the Living Dead   Low-budget horror classic--ghouls feed on the living
The Night They Raided Minsky's Britt Ekland Comedy in burlesque era in NY. Quaker girl meets baggy-pants comic
No Way to Treat a Lady Rod Steiger Actor uses disguises to commit crimes against women
The Odd Couple Walter Matthau Mis-matched roommates
Oliver! Ron Moody Won 6 Oscars including picture and director
The One and Only Family Band Walter Brennan Dakota family in 1888 presidential campaign
Paper Lion Alan Alda Writer George Plimpton goes on assignment with Detroit Lions
The Party Peter Sellers Slapstick comedy in Hollywood
Petulia George C. Scott Drama set in late '67--divorced surgeon, affair with newlywed
Planet of the Apes Charlton Heston SF about astronauts landing on planet
Poor Cow Carol White Young woman makes poor choices
The Producers Zero Mostel Unscrupulous Broadway producer. Comedy--rowdy, rude, and funny
Psych-Out Susan Strasberg Deaf runaway tries to find brother in SF, falls in with local band
Rachel, Rachel Joanne Woodward Lonely schoolteacher
Romeo and Juliet Olivia Hussey Shakespearean tragedy
Rosemary's Baby Mia Farrow Young pregnant wife and creepy neighbors
Ruthless Four Van Heflin Western drama--four partnes in gold mine
The Scalphunters Telly Savalas Comic western about rascal and educated slave
Sebastian Dirk Bogarde Spy drama--expert code cracker
Secret Ceremony Mia Farrow Woman with dead daughter; girl with dead mother
The Secret Life of an American Wife Anne Jackson Comedy about neglected wife who poses as prostitute
The Secret War of Harry Frigg Paul Newman WWII comedy--army hustler plots to free five kidnapped generals
Sergeant Ryker Lee Marvin Soldier tried for treason in Korean War
Shalako Sean Connery Western drama--hunting party of Europeans  in New Mexico attacked by Apaches
The Shoes of the Fisherman Anthony Quinn First Russian pope and effect on world peace
Snake People Boris Karloff Murders on island with voodoo snake worshippers
Speedway Elvis Presley Singing race car driver romances his tax auditor
Stay Away, Joe Elvis Presley Elvis plays native American in musical drama
Stolen Kisses Jean-Pierre Leaud Third in Antoine Doinel series of films--first taste of real romance
The Swimmer Burt Lancaster Drama--man swims through neighbor's pools, recalls past
Targets Boris Karloff Twin stories--aging horror film star and sniper
The Thomas Crown Affair Steve McQueen Bored millionaire playboy robs bank
To Sir, With Love Sidney Poitier East end London teacher (1967)
Torture Garden Jack Palance Carnival sideshow mystic offers customers a look into their futures
Two for the Road Audrey Hepburn Literate comedy/drama (1967)
Vietnam: In the Year of the Pig   Bleak picture of war
Villa Rides Yul Brynner Mexican bandit and revolutionary Pancho Villa
War and Peace Lyudmila Savelyeva Oscar for best foreign film
Where Eagles Dare Richard Burton Rescue general from Nazi stronghold
Who's That Knocking on My Door? Harvey Keitel Young NY Italian and his romance with "nice" girl
Wild in the Streets Christopher Jones

Sataric look at youth culture with rock star elected president by votors as young as 14

Will Penny Charlton Heston Western--aging saddlehand befriends settler and her young son
Yellow Submarine The Beatles, animated Surreal animated movie with Beatles songs
Yours, Mine, and Ours Lucille Ball Blended family with 18 kids




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